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Saturday, October 15, 2011
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 11:27 PM
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Hello visitors!
Sorry to disappoint you all that both our FAM and blog is dead since July 2010 but don't fret, stay tuned for more updates as we will be having a huge revival and revamp this coming November!

Some things may change and some may not! It's going to be a new start for Club-Audition.

There will be a JR selection during the period of revival. More modes will be introduced for JR selection, such as Guitar! Don't worry, you still can be recruited through our current JRs.

Here is the list of the available JRs if you would like to find them (Check the chance of finding them so if you catch them, don't miss it if they are inactive!):
Choreography-C-4 Directions - -Shikamaru (Inactive; 5% online chance)
Beat Rush 4 Direction - Enstryne (Semi-active; 40% online chance; higher chance during Events)
One-Two Party (Easy) - -AIR_xAHBOI- (Semi-active; 30% online chance)

Full requirements can be found in the join section.

For old members who wish to rejoin: Take note that our requirements might be different than the stated requirements.

Club-Audition will be back!

Friday, September 3, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 11:50 PM
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Hi dear earthlings ! Recruitment is officially open for all ! :D
Please click on the JOIN tab above to know how to join Club-Audition !
We have test modes like
1-2 Party , Beat up , Crazy Choreography 8 , Crazy Choreography 4 , Crazy 9 and Beat rush !

Only For Club-Audition JRs :

Please post a bulletin of the people who passed the test as to allow other members to know them ! :B

For all CA members :

There might be an outing this coming september holiday ! :D
For more information please STALK club-audition bulletin or Fam blog ^^
For those that Zeyore messaged , please confirm with a date that you're able to make it for the outing tyvm ~

Once again , Welcome to join Club-Audition Fam ! Hehe... Pictures, Images and Photos


Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 4:49 PM
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Hi CAs . I will be taking over CA master from now on .

I can see that CA is now very inactive , maybe due to exam period or something , but i do hope to see more of you coming back after exam period okay :3
I also see alot of members who have left CA , joined other fam . I am one of them but now im back . I'll try to get them back if i can ^^

  • I will keep all the JRs as it is now till further notice
  • Recruitment will only start after exam periods
  • Please take a ss of the people who has passed the test and post a bulletin with their IGN and Level (This is to let others take note of the new members)

After everyone is back active , i would like some JRs to lower their requirements as this is a test to let people into our Fam not to see them fail again and again ._.

There are currently 6 JRs in Club-Audition Fam .
Please feel free to approach them for test to join Club-Audition after the exam periods ! :B

  1. LawlieT
  2. -Shikamaru
  3. MacroM2
  4. Zeyore
  5. OniGokko
  6. -AIR_xAHBOI-


Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 3:45 PM
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Old Memories!

FAM Bank then..

Here are some ss-es even before i joined Club-Audition!

A.k.a NPC vs "NPC"

Our beautiful old siggy!

Friday, July 16, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 7:25 PM
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Dear CA-ers, please read this post.


Saturday, July 10, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 1:25 PM
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Only ONE got it so..

End of event!

- Yeezy


Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 4:56 AM
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Event: GUESS THE NUMBER! (Update)
Since there's still isn't anyone who managed to guess it.. I shall be nice and give you guys a clue!

Clue 1: All the numbers that you guys have guessed are wrong!

Numbers that have been guessed by you guys:

Clue 2: Among these numbers, one of the numbers is very close to the holy number!

All of you are given another chance to guess now!

- Yeezy


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