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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
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Clubber of the year (Qualifying @ Aloha)
Let the pictures do the talking =D

At the doorstep of Aloha cyber cafe

Saw this on the wall there
Calling for all participants!!!!
Can you spot the mods and CA members?

The Competition now begin!!!!!
Mysterious hand belongs to ClassieMon!!!
hide is hiding!!
Smallbaby is surprise at the score!!!

Congratulation to the Winners!!! Tuna-R, --xLAOGONG, winterx33 andXiaN-R
Highlight of the day!!! Holykun this is for you >=D

Monday, June 22, 2009
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Cashymon caught JJ LIN!
Classiemon was going thru his photo album and he found this!!!!
Does he look like someone familar to you?

ps: that's my wallpaper XD


Friday, June 19, 2009
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CA outing + Couple Competition
CA had a mini outing on 17 June, Wednesday.
Chillibread, Heart, BooBoo, Nyah, PikaZHU, Flip, DJCrapSody was there.

3 members spotted hiding behind one another while turning away from the camera.

Cute boy spotted!

My Cute teddy from BooBoo ;lub
Fujiko was so jealous, she would love to have 1 too :X

Teddy and piggy

Next outing we should take a group picture. ^_^


1st Couple Competition in AuditionSEA!

Last night, AuditionSEA had our first successful run on Couple Competition. Though there were quite a number of bugs, it was filled with fun & laughter on top of nervousness and excitement.

Ehemz 4 members from CA took part in this competition. None got into final though, let's try harder.

Random SS

Thursday, June 18, 2009
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Last Sunday~ Cyber Era @-Cafe Competition..
Last Sunday, competition was held in Cyber Era... A lot of participants... More than 32 players turned up... Sorry to those who came late for the competition. Come and join us again this Sunday^^

Let's start our competition~

Here are the 4 winners JANICEE, --xZinc, WUUUUU and AceOfFan ~Congrats~
Stay tune~

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Last Saturday ~~ Got thrashed!!!! T.T
Last Saturday... Cyber Amazon @-Cafe Competition.....

Nice skin, isn't it?

Guess who? with the ;eeks look.

You guys know who is he?

So happening?
Is time for competition... Let's draw lots.

Guess what? A World Star and King bully me a Novice (Chillibread) T.T
Finally~ the winners goes to AceOfKueh, -ERIC, holykun & Lapool... Grats them...

After the competition, me(Chillibread) and peridot went to Suntec for the IT show. We would like to get a MP3 + Computer + Camera... But after checking our bank, OMG! Not enough for all the stuff... so ended up, we choose her among the three. Which one is mine??

The night is still young, so after getting the stuff, we went for a movie. "Drag me to hell"!!! The show is so funny and scary! When the title of the movie popped out with a HUGH sound impact... i jumped up and the person next to me which is PERIDOT laughed at me... She's bad... LOL-ed at me T.T!! Anyway must watch this movie..... Rate: 9/10.... Minus 1 point is because too scary and is a PG movie...! I'm timid!

Is it scary?

Friday, June 12, 2009
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CA Love Story Mode [13th Report]


Hi everyone it’s CA reporter again it’s been awhile

This is our special report, read it while it’s hot~~~


Club-Audition Love Story Mode

(Truly a masterpiece, tearjerker, romance, and sweet revenge)

Our very own miss Peridot has finally found the ‘'apple of her eyes’‘..or to be exact

the Toy of her eyes.

Yes, the rumor is right, Peridot has coupled our very own ToyCaster and today they even

entered couple competition together!


We wish them much love and happiness! (wedding bell soon?)

As for Peridot’s admirer,misterClassiemon, once he realized that Peri has left him for

another man, 4-7.jpg

mister Classiemon (a.k.a ‘'The only monster with class’‘) immediately went

to the mountain and sought help from the famous AudiKungfu master, Kaul.


Classie (a.k.a Cashy) was hoping that his recently acquired Kungfu moves would impress Peri and

therefore, she would come back to him.

Here are some pictures of his intensive training

Hayaa!!! To the right, right!

Hoooi ooo! To the left, left!

Oiiiiiii! Up he goes!


And er….down? ;swea


Meanwhile in Audition Town, miss Peridot sent a split request to Toy

(Perhaps she would return to Classie?)

As soon as Toy saw this, he (ish hurt very dip dip) and planned a revenge on Peridot

Miss Fujiko also joined Toy and his plot…


But ironically, Fujiko and Toy fell in love….

(It’s a sweet revenge of love ;make)




Once Classie completed his training, he headed straight to Peridot to reclaim her love.

(Wonder what Fuji and Toy are doing though o.O)

Feeling condifent with his skill, Classie showed off his most impressive move…


...(er..maybe it’ll take more than that to woo Peridot)

OK OK~~Another impressive move~~~


Just when Classie thought Peridot would finally come back to him…



(Coz they hugges and kissed and all)

But miss Peridot simply replied…..


Because she already has Pika



(His macho&sexy;&kungfu;moves didn’t help much after all heh)

But no worries! Classiemon is on his way to another mountain, seeking guidance from another master.

He promised he’d return sexier, macho-er, and with more impressive moves to get Peridot back.



End of report.


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