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Saturday, September 12, 2009
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CA Outing & Ahboi's Birthday
Hi all, these are the pictures from CA's outing a few weeks ago. Pictures are not in orde, sorry.

Preparing the cakes for someone ;make

Cutting cake, you can see his happy face
Everyone's attention on this little shuaiige

He's not only shuaigee but also a hongster one, sitting between 2 chio-bu (learned from Classie for sure)

The whole gang

Girl in red: "Hey gib moi the biggest slide''
Shuaigee: "Ok rah ok rah, but lemmoi post for the camera first"

This is the art of cutting birthday cake, no need to see still also can cut

Shuaiige: Lemmoi spray somemore ''spices" on this cake, ;make

With that evil smirk, wonder what he's wishing for...

Girl in gray: ;pray, I hope moi birthday oso riek thiis
Nice view classie, ;eeks

-ahems- do you see what I see? ;make

Lots of legs, lol
Someone is really into her singing :P
Looks like they're all abusing the birthday boy 8D

He looks like a manager ;x


This is what the birthday boy said
Today outing dedications :

Thank you for the presents.
Thank you for the cake.
Thank you for givin me nice memories.
Thank you for making this my best birthday of my life though is on 1st sep.
Thank you for givin me the best day of my life.
Thank you for lettin me explore more of singapore.
Thank you for lettin me noe whr @Club is.
Thank you everyone for playin BU in my char :X It was funny xD
Thank you Chilli,Cashy,Peri,Fuji,Pinkie for making us laugh.
Thank you Heartx for the bunny present and messagin me the whole outing ^^
Thank you Pika for killin my earpiece by pushin me here and there ;eeks
Thank you Nyah for the lovely $15 dollar japan chocolate.
Thank you Teddy for socializin with me a little.
Thank you Chilli and Peri for the T-Shirt it rox.
Thank you Cashy for the prepaid card present and cuttin the cake.
Thank you Chilli for the prepaid card and helpin me get my prize.
Thank you Peri for making me laugh by the way you look at me :x
Thank you Fujiko for singin birthday song.
Thank you Pinkie for taking pics.
Thank you Dragon for comin and singin ‘'My humps’‘ it made me laugh :x
Thank you again for the cute mango cake you all buy for me.
Thank you ppl who came to the outin birthday card ^^ It make me cry when i came home i read it. Very touchin TT
Thank you Audition and @Club for choosin me as the winner for Spot and Win.
Thank you everyone again for comin and making it the best birthday.
Thank you Audi for givin a chace to meet such wonderful people.
Thank you Playpark forum for choosin such nice moderators.
Thank you J-Cube for lettin us found one hacker.
Thank you J-Cube computer number 40 for givin me extra 30mins to play.
Thank you my mother for bornin me out.
Thank you -AIR_xTOOT- for not killing me.
Thank you Riceyy for wishin me happy birthday.
Thank you All again it is the best day you all gave me.
Actually i cried abit while writing this TT
The most touchin is the card :x
Thank you all ! I love you all ;mua love
Club-Audition HUAT AR !
Ppl who never come you miss out alot of fun :x
Come next time ! xD
If overseas ppl when you come to Singapore we will have a Outin just for you all ^^

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