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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 4:49 PM
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Hi CAs . I will be taking over CA master from now on .

I can see that CA is now very inactive , maybe due to exam period or something , but i do hope to see more of you coming back after exam period okay :3
I also see alot of members who have left CA , joined other fam . I am one of them but now im back . I'll try to get them back if i can ^^

  • I will keep all the JRs as it is now till further notice
  • Recruitment will only start after exam periods
  • Please take a ss of the people who has passed the test and post a bulletin with their IGN and Level (This is to let others take note of the new members)

After everyone is back active , i would like some JRs to lower their requirements as this is a test to let people into our Fam not to see them fail again and again ._.

There are currently 6 JRs in Club-Audition Fam .
Please feel free to approach them for test to join Club-Audition after the exam periods ! :B

  1. LawlieT
  2. -Shikamaru
  3. MacroM2
  4. Zeyore
  5. OniGokko
  6. -AIR_xAHBOI-


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