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Thursday, July 30, 2009
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E-Star Day 2 24th July
The important day that we are waiting has arrived~~

Let's take some picture before leaving the hotel... Get ready for the battle!
Two SG gangsters...
On our way to the Arena..
Wow~~ So big!!!

Let's go in now~
Hungry >_<... Queuing for lunch~
What a sweeeet couple...
Yum yum...Let's get back to the Arena..

Jia you for the battle!what are these two doing? o.o
A nice group photo please... These two again!! ;wild
Singapore VS Korea
Singapore VS China
Singapore VS Indonesia
Malaysia VS Korea
Wooo~ Malaysia defeated Korea~
Time for dinner~

Looks so yummy~~
Are you hungry? Stay tune~~

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E Star~ Day 1 22 and 23 July 2009
Hi all,

Sorry for waiting... Today I'm going to blog about E-Star day 1...
SG rank number 7th and MY rank number 8th... Congrats to them~

Day 1

Check in and waiting for the time to depart...
While waiting, we shall grab a quick meal at BK.. Lets have a group photo..
After so many hours of flight... Finally we are in KOREA now!
Next destination~ HOTEL.. let's see how clean and cosy~
Wa... Kueh is enjoying wor...
Stay tune~~

Friday, July 24, 2009
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JR Selection
Hi Participants,

Refer to the below link for the mechanics~

Beat Rush (Post 1468)

CC4 (Post 1473)

One Two Party (Post 1479)

Jia you all participants~

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 1:06 AM
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ClassieMon at Iluma =D
I didnt break my promise!!
Here's some picture of me taken at iluma few weeks back

My Million Dollar Shoes =D
Me Audi-ing
Guess who she is ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 5:36 PM
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Attention all CA members, your long awaited time is finally here.

CA JR selection! Please read on for criteria and application details.

Criteria to be eligible for CA JR position
1. You MUST be a CA member for more than 1 week
2. You MUST posse good attitude
3. You MUST not use vulgarities at all times (in-game & forum)
4. You MUST be Friendly and helpful
5. You MUST be active in forum and game
6. You MUST be responsible
7. Last but not least, cannot be too pro. If not recruiting members will fail badly

If you fulfill all the criteria above, WE WANT YOU!

Application details:
Date: From now till 19 July 09 2359hrs
Each CA member can apply for 2 test modes. 1 or 2 member/s will be selected to be JR for each mode depending on popularity of mode.

1) Post your application on selected mode here!
2) Private message Peridot in-game/ppf (or my assistant Pikazhu-)
3) Private message Chillibread in-game/ppf (or Chilli’s assistant -- Heartx3--)
4) Private message Classiemon in-game/ppf (or Classiemon’s assistant –imBOOBOOx3-)

Selection test will be posted after application end.

There will be a FAM Master Selection too! Open to PPF moderator only ^_^

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
Time: 12:17 PM
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Outing with the moderators
Hi all,

I would like to share some of the pictures we took don't when at E Hub KBox!

While on my way there, i saw this! Ya!! GM Food Centre! LOL at this!
So after taking picture of this, i continue with my journey(Sounds like a long journey). I took a bus, MRT, plane, taxi, boat and finally I've reached my destination. I shouldn't have reached there on time, course i saw something T.T

This (ClassieMon and Fujiko)
This (ClassieMon and Riceyy)
AND this (PeriDot and ClassieMon)
But the most hurtful thing is I AM THE LAST PERSON HE HOLD T.T!
Nevermind! I still have her~ Love chiu dip dip Peri i love you so much and you........ ;cry Emo-ing

I shall finish all THESE! (Just kidding)... By the way, this hand belongs to Fujiko...TskTsk

Last but not least... This is for all the cafes winners. JY this Saturday! Must do us(aka Singapore) proud in Korea!

Is game time! Sneak in and ;cam ;cam! These toys belong to all the 5 GMs (GMDoraeJuv, GMHeartsdale, GMFranciszek, GMPurpleGem and GMJazzier)
Guess how many toys belong to each individual GMs.. I know is hard=x
"Hint" 1/3 are belong to GMJazzier.

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