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Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
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CA is infected with TMM virus!!!
Last diagnosed by Dr.Shikamaru on 22 August 2009

Date infected: August 12 2009

Number of infections: 6
ClassieMon (worst case) , ChottoMon, Chillisauce, Near, Benzhu, Zerthyl.

About the TMM virus and the symptoms:
_ TMM (also known as tian mi mi) is a deadly and contagious virus, first introduced by ClassieMon on August 12th. Once infected, the unfortunate victim will show/display his/her burning passion for the loved one ( in this case, his/her couple)

_ The virus usually releases a special neurotoxin that makes its victim unaware of his/her critical condition. The more praises and appreciations the victim gets from his/her love phrases, the more s/he feels delightful and seek for more creative and hence, flamboyant ways to display his/her fervent emotions.

--> This often leads to the spamming of extremely saccharine, over-sentimental, sugary, and drippy messages (in short: super corny) within the fam bulletin board.

_ Such messages usually send goosebumps, chills, and hair stand to the unfortunate uninfected viewers

_ The infected person also suffers from a serious case of hallucination--believing that everyone is his/her beloved and therefore, is often seen kissing people within his/her field of vision.
S/he will spare no one, neither young, old, nor man or woman.

Courtesy of justresign2fate

_ We hereby advise the rest of the uninfected CA members to use all methods necessary to prevent further infection!

Happy Birthday to Benzhu! Even though chiu tmm, we still lub chiu dip dip!

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