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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
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Last Saturday ~~ Got thrashed!!!! T.T
Last Saturday... Cyber Amazon @-Cafe Competition.....

Nice skin, isn't it?

Guess who? with the ;eeks look.

You guys know who is he?

So happening?
Is time for competition... Let's draw lots.

Guess what? A World Star and King bully me a Novice (Chillibread) T.T
Finally~ the winners goes to AceOfKueh, -ERIC, holykun & Lapool... Grats them...

After the competition, me(Chillibread) and peridot went to Suntec for the IT show. We would like to get a MP3 + Computer + Camera... But after checking our bank, OMG! Not enough for all the stuff... so ended up, we choose her among the three. Which one is mine??

The night is still young, so after getting the stuff, we went for a movie. "Drag me to hell"!!! The show is so funny and scary! When the title of the movie popped out with a HUGH sound impact... i jumped up and the person next to me which is PERIDOT laughed at me... She's bad... LOL-ed at me T.T!! Anyway must watch this movie..... Rate: 9/10.... Minus 1 point is because too scary and is a PG movie...! I'm timid!

Is it scary?

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