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Thursday, February 18, 2010
Posted by: Memories in Club-Audition
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I was told to post up one of my poems, so enjoy!

I looked up at the sky last night
and the stars still shone
through the twinkling of the light
could I still see a prone
an unknown
figure cast in shadow.
My eyes not yet used to the dark
through the piercing shining of the starlight
could I not see
what malady afflicted said person

reaching out a hand of what
striking with why
am I trying too hard?

I see, is that you?
in front and yet not forth?

half an hour from home you were
and yet it took a trip halfway across the world to meet
expectations? met?

and yet you lie there, not responding.

not answering
not questioning
showing qualms? And of what?
and what were you thinking
and why was it

how? your eyes
never had to guard naive open wide
trying to shut still reading through
more fragile than I thought?

and yet. there's still a figure there
so far and yet so close am I reading wrong?
reaching out a hand
touching who knows what

a twirling a teasing a prodding
whirlwind on top sparking
not too trusting now, hmm

falling is but a moment

there's yet this hand

-July '08


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