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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
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CA US Outing
Kat visited me a few days ago, and so I had to be her photographer and tour guide. I thought I should share with you guys Boston as well :)

I told her to stand next to this thing so that she would look prettier ;make

Poor ducks :(

Poor duck x1 :(

So convenient lol

Some 300 years old graves

Horse : "Lady, your breath stinks"

Borrowing some cool shades

Ya cool shades (actually wanted to show my new stupid haircut lol)

Chinatown entrance!


Some ugly looking stone at Harvard Museum of Natural History

Eels (yum!)

Amazing bug collection

Zoom in

Beautiful butterflies!

Flies and bugs were arranged according to colors. Very pretty!

Very seksi bird ;make

Some giant sea creature

Kat has found her long lost relatives

Peverting a deer's butt

There are alot more on facebook ;make

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