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Sunday, April 26, 2009
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5th Report

Hi everyone, it’s CA reporter again bringing you CA latest news love

[apparently the CA reporter was forced and threatened by Lemon and Pika,
who agree to sm3xpose themselves once a reported is written]

So here we go again.

First of all, we update you with the latest information about Hook.
CA reporter has successfully captured Hook’s picture, the infamous serial FAM bank killer.
It seems like Hook is still on the loose and gladly committing crimes everyday

The face of the outlaw
(notice how his messenger status ‘Semi-active’, that’s a trick!
He wants people to think that he has retired from his crimes, but
he still secretly commit them everyday!)

Great news! Our FAM house has moved from the Imperial Egypt to the Candy Land love
And what’s more? Since we are so rich, we decided to change FAM house every month
[Though Tringe-sanhasn’t said it directly, but we’re speculating that she will do this.
After all, she’s the billionaire]

The sweet Candy Land

[Notice: Tringe-san will not be responsible if any of the CA members has diabetes]


Moving on, we are going to show you a number of photos from FAM battles this week
As always, we won many times, and lost many many many times, but for the sake of protecting our egos,
we only show cases you when we won only bsmile

Happy moments when succeed…..



.....and angry faces when losing
. ...
CA vs. CA again with special appearance, SEED from ~MANIS~ love
..and to celebrate our love for the Earth during Earth-day-week
More mopping the floor with our heads. Yes we are environmental friendly yay

. ..
Lemon and Zethyl trying to distract the other teams with their brilliant and beautiful faces....


....their faces were so disturbing to the point that one of the girls from the other team
had to fly over our side and stab Zerthyl
[and from the look of Zerthyl’s face, we can tell that it really hurt]



It turns out that AuditionSEA is a small town after all!

Zerthyl, Biscuit, and Lemon had found out that they were long lost triplets,
who were separated from birth
Due to their disturbingly similarities in appearance,
there’s no doubt that these three are from the same lineage.

Moment of joy when they found out the long lost truth
. ...
The triplets bringing it on with their grouching tiger, hidden dragon moves
[learned from Peridiot andNyah, refer to report #1]
Beautiful unison

Triplet love love has given them the power to overtake the other team, who, coincidentally is also triplets…


Yet, at the end they still got pwn oh


[Perhaps the triplets don’t get along well after all yay]


Baby VOX- Doll (136 bpm) has officially became our FAM anthem [voted by all CA members]


Because it seems like every time we play this song in FAM battle, there is a 99.7% that we will win




Maybe most CA members [especially the boys] had good childhood experience with Doll,
which boosts their performance with Doll.

This is especially true with Pika (yes he still loves playing with Doll now)

Here is a special present for you Pika


We hope you like it, and we love you so much <3

Red Chinese suits: 550,000 den
Fam Battle : 15 fam points
Continuously winning with Doll: Priceless

There’s something money can’t buy
For everything else, there’s Mastercard

That’s all for today, Pika will return with more updates from Fam battles [with hackers too and FAM scandals

See you next time on CA News!

-da da da da-

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